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Catching Up

ketchupSunday Assembly has, so far, cancelled their first two scheduled meetings in Oklahoma City. I’ve not signed up for their third scheduled attempt, and I probably won’t.

Lots of things have happened between my last blog-post and this one. That’s a nice way of saying that I’ve blown a lot of opportunities to address some major issues while they were being discussed online. These things always seem to be cyclical, though, so I’m sure I’ll have plenty of opportunities to address them again in the future. (Also, let’s face it, I’m not exactly the Internet’s go-to person on any topic whatsoever.)

Here in Oklahoma, we are in the midst of Tornado Season. This is when most of the transplanted local residents hug their ankles in their bathroom closets and sob as they chant to themselves, “The cost of living is good here … the cost of living is good here.” For me, it’s the time of the year when prayer really seems to fall down as a means of protection, but the locals persist anyway. To be honest, anything that distracts them from Legislating More Bible into Government, though, is something I can get behind. Particularly since so many people here live in mobile homes, and – I shit you not – there are no public emergency shelters whatsoever in this state, I suspect you find your comforts where you can.

Actually, Oklahoma City isn’t a terrible place to live. Sure, we have one of the most Third Wave Conservative (read: batshit bonkers) governments of any state in the nation. There are some extremely cool people here, and there are some enclaves of sanity which are not too difficult to find. Granted, the first real opportunity to move away is an opportunity that I will cling to with both hands, but for now, it’s okay.

And the cost of living is pretty effing good.

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