I look at the anti-government/conspiracy-theory crowd.

I look at Jerad and Amanda Miller.

Then I look at a favorite nephew of mine, who espouses similar sentiments, who is just as angry and can be just as argumentative.

And who loves his guns.

And I worry.

Sunday Go to … Heathen Time?


Sunday Assembly is a new “atheist church” movement that’s catching fire in various places around the world – receiving accolades as well as criticism from both believers and the godless. “Fellowship, belonging and a sense of community” are three of the things that many ex-believers miss most about their former religious lives, so it’s not difficult to see why Sunday Assembly has become so popular so quickly.

Still, it’s an odd concept for some to wrap their heads around – how can you have a church without the Most Important Ingredient? Isn’t it just “playing church” at this point? Well, to a non-believer, traditional church is pretty much a very old, communal game of “let’s pretend”. All of the bells and whistles employed by mega-churches are a means to an end – freshening up the “game” to keep people from leaving in pursuit of the myriad of other distractions that modern life has to offer. Continue reading

God’s Trap: A Critique of the Garden of Eden Narrative


I do not believe that the Book of Genesis (or any book or books of the Bible, separately or as a whole) is a divinely-authored historical record. However, for the sake of this discussion, I will argue from the point of view that Genesis – and particularly the Garden of Eden story – is a literal record of an actual event.

A pastor recently tried to explain to me that what transpired in the Garden of Eden was not a test at all, but a moral command. While I disagree that it’s ‘moral’, I will agree that it is a command, but also assert that it is a test. Continue reading


I’m moving things around a bit. It might take a while before this starts looking like a thing.